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Fender Contemporary System 3 Stringlock

Replaces the original lever style locking nut.
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“READ CAREFULLY! This is a newly redesigned replacement for the Fender System III Locknut.
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This is a new redesigned replacement lock nut that replaces that old "lever style" lock nut that came on your Made in Japan 1983-1987 Fender System 3 Stratocaster. 

Whammy Parts looked into remaking the original version with its 12 separate parts and we finally decided it was not cost effective so we redesigned a new simplified lock nut with individual locking screws. Based after an old Gibson string lock design that came on Kahlered Les Paul's back in the early 80's, this design requires no clamping plates. Instead special full dog point clamp screws are used to firmly clamp the strings using a 5/64" Allen key (included). Machined from a billet of 7075 military grade aluminum, the 9756 lock nut  shares the same material used in our Fender System I and II string locks. Comes with all seen. Fits perfectly since it was made for only this guitar. The lock nut was made to be as low as possible across the first fret so a shim is provided to raise it to your preference. Just rub the shim across a piece of sandpaper using your fingers to press down on it. Rub until its thin enough for you. (Tin foil also works if you just need a hair or two of height)

"Works perfectly with my ‘86 Contemporary Strat! I’d been looking for something like this for years off and on and I finally found the unicorn! Sturdy construction that matches the look of the guitar. Fan!"

- Adam H-----



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