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Fender System 1 & 2 Stringlock

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Complete replacement Fender Contemporary string lock.
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Built to last, our Fender Contemporary stringlock is milled from ultra strong, military grade 7075 Aluminum, which is much better than steel for this type of device.

The original Fender System I base was cast from metal so soft that 3 steel plates had to be added under the base at the factory to prevent the string from gouging the soft metal when clamped. It can also start bending upward over time.

Our new single piece base looks identical, is more durable, does not need extra guard plates, and resonates all day long due to the high density of 7075. It has the correct hole pattern and 8 inch bottom radius to mount flush to the curved area of the head stock. Guaranteed to fit or your money back!

Comes with 3 clamp screws and steel plates, 4 mounting screws, and a 3mm Allen key. Available in polished aluminum with raw steel plates and anodized black with oxide black plates.

Fits Schaller 1985-1987 Fender Contemporary Stratocasters with the System I and II tremolos or 1988-89 MIJ/USA models with the Kahler 2520 traditional tremolo.

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