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Stacker/Template Plate - Flat Mounting

2300-7300 mounting plate
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The Kahler flat mount stacker plate is made from 1/16" (1.5mm) steel and powder coated black.

It will fit perfectly underneath all flat mounting Kahler tremolos with the curved back. The saddle risers on all Kahler tremolos and bridges are used for setting the radius only, not action height. This plate will raise your bridge up 1/16". You can use up to 2.

You can use these for the square back models too as it adds a sweeping, modern curve that protrudes from underneath! You can also use them for a routing template. Use them as a more permanent alternative to the cardboard Kahler templates. Great for Luthier's! You can counter-sink your new flat mount tremolo. Use these templates for those low profile installs to embed your tremolo into your the guitar body. Great for those extremely shallow neck angles.

Fits all Kahler 6 string flat mounting tremolos such as the 23xx Pro, 73xx Hybrid, 4300 X-Trem.

See our FAQ's for information about Adapter and stacker plate installation and more.

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