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Fender System 1 Brass Roller

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Brand new Fender System 1 replacement roller.

Sold individually, these faithfully recreated replacement rollers are made from high quality bell tone brass exclusively for Whammy Parts. Brass produces a warm and full tone.

They are made specifically for and will only fit the Fender System 1 tremolo.

You must have the original pin as we do not currently make replacement pins.

To remove the pin place the saddle on a block of wood with a small hole drilled in it or in a vice with padded jaws. Place it with the thin side up so you can drive the pin out through the thick side. Use a small diameter punch and light taps from a hammer. Most of the time these pins come out easily if the bridge is in overall good condition.

Place the new roller matching the thick side of the roller with the thick side of the saddle. Press the pin back in through the thick side until flush on both sides, using a few light taps from the punch and hammer if needed. The roller should spin freely and make a nice little buzz sound if you give it a flick.

Weight: 0.016 oz
Units in box: 1
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