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Charvel Arm - Brass

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Straight arm with brass tip for Charvel brass models.
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Kahler made these no bend arms with screw on brass tip in the 70's and 80's for Wayne Charvel. They are 100% original. They fit the brass tremolos that were made for Charvel guitars and can also fit any Kahler CAM system. Basically it's the same as the Standard arm, but without the extra bend.

Fits all Charvel brass tremolos. If you prefer the straight arm style, you can also use on all new and old Pro, Hybrid, Flyer, X-Trem and "Gibson" stamped Kahler bridges and all USA Stratocasters. This does not fit the Fulcrum models such as the 2720 Spyder, 2710 Killer, 2760 Steeler or 2500/2520 Traditionals. The fulcrum arm had no tip and is part 8530. Does not fit bass tremolos. Bass tremolos also use arm 8530.

These are the original arms that came stock on all Charvel brass fulcrum guitar tremolos during the 1980's. If you are looking for an arm that is bent like standard arms are, you want the 5362 standard arm.

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