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2720 Spyder - Fulcrum


Stock replacement parts and options listed on these pages will fit the 2720 Spyder fulcrum tremolos only. Discontinued in 1992, not all parts listed below are available. Only the parts shown below are in stock. FYI: The Spyder had 3 different model versions which all had to do with the saddles. Saddles came in different styles: non locking (#5344), finger locking (#5338) and wrench locking (#5581 as shown). Wrench locking were the most common with an 85% share. It used a 3/32 Allen key to tighten the string lock bolts on the first versions and eventually an upgraded 1/8" Allen/slotted combo string lock bolt later on. The finger locking type saddle had jet thruster looking knobs that you turned to shut an opening similar to a missile silo hatch that pulls back and then shuts again to lock the strings just like the 2710 Killer saddle shown in the blue picture, middle. The non locking saddle simply had a string hole for it to pass through. The strings ball end caught the end of the smaller entry hole and was held. Also note that a Kahler 2720 tremolo always had "Spyder" stamped on the shoulder.


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