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Stacker/Template Plate - Flyer & Fixed Bridge

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The Kahler Flyer or Fixed Bridge stacker plate is made from 1/16" (1.5mm) steel and is powder coated black

It is used to raise a 2330 Flyer and all Kahler fixed bridges. The saddle risers on all Kahler tremolos and bridges are used for setting the radius only, not action height. This plate will raise your bridge up 1/16". You can use up to 2.

Because of steep neck angles on certain guitars, each plate can be stacked to achieve desired heights when the bridge is higher than most..like on neck thru designs. Sometimes you need to cover the old exposed side/front holes of the old Kahler Flyer when you are switching to a Kahler tremolo system.

Fits Kahler 2330 Flyer tremolo and all Kahler 6 string fixed bridges that have fine tuning knobs.

See our FAQ's for information about Adapter and stacker plate installation and more.

Weight: 1.3760 oz
Units in box: 1

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