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System 3 - Japan

The Fender System 3 tremolo is found on the Contemporary Stratocasters and Telecasters as well as the Squires during that whammy bar and big hair era called the 1980's. Featuring friction arms and fine tuners, they found their way onto Fender guitars that were manufactured in Japan from 1985-87. 

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This is the Kahler fulcrum spring claw that you always find in the spring cavity on the back of guitars that use a...


These are the proper tension fulcrum springs for Kahler and Schaller tremolos.


Fender Contemporary System 3 Fine Tuner and Pin


This is the Fender Contemporary System 3 saddle. Buy one now!


This is the Fender Contemporary System 3 saddle lockdown set.


Get you Fender Contemporary System 3 Saddle Spring today!


Extremely hard to find, these 5mm arms fit the Fender Contemporary System 3 tremolo arm.


This universal Allen key set contains the three most used keys for all Schaller/ Floyd Rose products.