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#059, 5301 Standard Roller - Teflon

Kahler Teflon Roller PN# 5301
Kahler Teflon Roller PN# 5301
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This is the teflon roller that can be used for all Kahler CAM guitar tremolos and fixed bridges.

Teflon glass rollers will release the full tonal spectrum from your guitar and keep your notes cleanly separated with a mix cutting, mid hump frequency! Spewing out a soloists dream tone, these rollers really stand out in the mix with clarity and sustain! Constantly lubricating the axle pin, they have a hard time seizing up from hand gunk and grime which adds up to increased long term tuning stability. The standard sized rollers are designed for strings up to .046. For CAM systems, any string larger than that should advance to the larger roller, as well as use two #8413 heavy springs and at least one if not two #9408 wide string hooks to get the right tension and sturdiness needed for the heavy sets. 

Length: 0.0000 in
Width: 0.0000 in
Height: 0.0000 in
Weight: 0.1000 oz
Packaging: 0.0000 kg
Units in box: 1