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#057, 5273 Kahler Flyer/Gibson Super Tune Saddle

Product Code:5273
Saddle for the Kahler Flyer and Gibson Super-Tune.
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This is for one Flyer saddle, it comes complete as shown. Discontinued in 1988, this saddle fits only the Kahler Flyer and the Gibson stamped, Kahler made, Super-Tune tremolo that came on 1984-1986 Gibson LP's.

It's possible to upgrade the Flyer saddles on a Flyer tremolo to the longer sustaining standard Kahler 5363 saddles. All you have to do is unscrew the saddle rod and remove the "Flyer" saddle rod cover and the attached six Flyer saddles,... then slip the six new standard saddles onto the rod. You can enjoy better tuning stability and tone.

Weight: 0.1600 oz
Units in box: 1