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Spring Claw with Screws

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Kahler fulcrum spring claw.

This is the spring claw that you always find in the spring cavity on the back of guitars that use a fulcrum tremolo system. Standard Stratocasters with a tremolo are a good example of a fulcrum system with a back plate and spring cavity. You can attach up to 5 of the 8414 Fulcrum Springs on it. 2 mounting screws included.

Fulcrum systems pivot behind 2 posts like the Kahler 2500/2520 Traditional, 2710 Killer (2700 Series), 2720 Spyder, 2760 Steeler as well as Floyd Rose, Wilkinson, Fender etc. If its got a back plate, then its a fulcrum system and this claw holds the springs.

Weight: 0.880 oz
Units in box: 1
This item is in the following categories.
25xx Traditional - Fulcrum
2710 Killer - Fulcrum
2720 Spyder - Fulcrum
2760 Steeler - Fulcrum
Floyd Rose Tremolo Parts
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