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Installing a string hook is easy....

First note that there are two types of CAM . A one piece and a more common two piece CAM . How to tell which one you have? Simply turn the tremolo over and look for the lever that the springs attach to. If the lever is brass, you have a two piece system. If its steel, you have a one piece system and the underside has a steel comb like retainer spring riveted to the underside. Each leaf of the spring is underneath the string hook. For either type, turn the tremolo over and just loosen the two screws that attach the springs to the mounting frame and remove the two screws that are attached to the brass or steel colored load lever. The load lever is attached to one end of the two springs underneath. Pivoting from the loosened screws, push aside each spring and face them backwards, out of the way. The CAM now swivels freely. 

Two piece CAM: remove the six fine tuners revealing three Phillips screws (two piece CAM ). Remove the three screws. The CAM cage now lifts off easily from the CAM (the part with the six string hooks). You need to drive out the pin that runs though the side of the CAM cage. It locks all the sting hooks in place. Look on the side of the CAM cage and look for side of the pin. One side will look like the pin is flush with the side and the other side will look inset a bit into the cage body. 

One piece CAM : using a 3/32 Allen key, remove the bearing pins from the side of the mounting frame, releasing the one piece CAM into your hand. 

For both types: You push from the inset side with a small tap. That's because the pin is purposely short so when it is pressed in, the "pushed from" side is flush with the sidewall of the CAM cage, while the other side of the pin doesn't quite make it to the end. This creates a well. This is where you lay your awl or pin driver tool and tap it out from. REMEMBER: THE PIN ONLY COMES OUT ONE WAY! 

The hooks are removed and replaced from the front topside. The one piece is a little trickier to set for the pin, but can be done easily enough. Now take the tap and gently tap the pin out as far as you need. You can lay the CAM cage over the edge of a table so the pin can come out easier if you need to, or use a vice to hold the CAM cage. NEVER press inward on the two outboard edges of the CAM cage. Doing so can warp the cage so the outside string hooks hang up and stop swiveling. Once the pin protrudes from the other side, use a pair of pliers to grip the pin and pull it out easily without damaging the end of the pin. Swap out with the new hook and gently twist the pin back through the string hooks eyes and gently re-tap it back in flush. NEVER LUBE A KAHLER! Lube dries and everything seizes up. Always keep clean and dry. It’s fairly simple. Just don’t force anything and you will be alright. 

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