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Brass rollers: Known as the "standard" or "stock" version, the tone is warm and inviting with plenty of fat and vintage undertones.

Best for rock and blues style playing. It has a somewhat happy tone, not too piercing to the ear. Mainly for those players with a happy outlook on life! This how Kahler tremolos come stock from the factory. These rollers can be purchased separately. 

Steel rollers: The tone is is more crisp sounding than brass and somewhat thinner. Steel has more sustain and is better for metal or shred. You get good long harmonics with steel. If you worship the devil, ride a Harley or are just plain pissed off at the world... these are the rollers you want. Rollers are purchased separately. 

Teflon rollers: These will jack up the tone dramatically with a sweet "mid-hump" with some really tight articulation between notes. These are the rollers you need for Kahler 7 -10 string tremolos as well as Kahler multi-scale and fan fret systems. Also 6 string tremolos if you use heavy gauge string sets or do any drop tuning. If you have a muddiness in your tone, get these awesome "anti-mud" rollers. Like an amp for every string, Teflon rollers will give your tone a new voice to be reckoned with. Rollers are purchased separately.

Click here for an unplugged comparison. 

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