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Installation tools you will need to properly install a Kahler bridge or tremolo...

  • 36" measuring stick/ruler (for taking measurements and making straight lines)Tape measure with 1/16" increments. 
  • Variable speed hand or Drill Press with a 1/16" wood bit for pilot holes, and a 1/8" wood bit for grounding wire to bridge connection and a #2 Phillips bit to drive the mounting screws in for the flat mounting models. 
  • Drill press using a 5/16" and a 1/2" drill bit (for stud mount installations only). DO NOT USE A HAND DRILL.
  • Phillips screw driver or a bit for the hand drill. If used on hand drill, use low power only or the drill tork clutch (if available) on the easiest setting. You don't want to spin the heads off.
  • Router with a 3/8" diameter bit. The bit must have a 1" deep cutting head with a 1" shaft for standard hand routers. Or if you don't want to use a router, you can use a mortising chisel attachment for your drill press and chew the wood out in 5/8 inch squares per cut (my preferred method). This is a more stable way for those who are wary of a router (like me) however it does not do as clean of a cut at the bottom of the route and takes more time. No big deal... I simply take my time and add Elmer's wood glue to the bottom of the route in a thick layer, letting it dry, solidifying and leveling the uneven bottom and holding any shavings in place that might dislodge from the wood.
  • Marking pencil.
  • Intersecting laser level (for tile setters), creates a cross hair over a fret and the centerline dot markers, down the neck, between the 3rd and 4th saddles and pickup poles, to make sure your installation is perfectly squared up on your axe. (optional but recommended)
  • Kahler Allen wrench set of 5. (.050, 1/16", 5/64", 3/32" 1/8") 
  • Exacto (razor) knife to score the paint finish around the route 
  • 2 inch wide roll of blue painters tape. 
  • Soldering iron / Solder connect the new bridge grounding wire to the grounding point. 
  • Small crescent wrench to remove nuts from hardware like volume pots etc. 

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