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Removing the lever pin from the body of a Traditional fulcrum tremolo can be easy or hard....

It's usually easy but be careful not to bend or smash the pin..... Start by removing the tremolo from the guitar, flip it over in your hand and look for the pin going thru the levers. Lube up the pin and levers with WD-40 and let sit for awhile in the direct sun to heat up and get the WD-40 to penetrate. When done, you'll notice the pin is pinched at the end to keep it in place. Try and un pinch the metal that is pressed over the top of the pin by inserting a small chisel or something similar between the metal flap and the pin. Do this to both sides if necessary. If you cant do it, then leave it alone since it's best not to damage the pin while trying. Next locate the end of the pin laying in the channel. Wedge a tiny screwdriver between the end of the pin and the end of the channel. Gently wiggle the screwdriver back and forth trying to get the pin to slide out the side. Do not deform the end of the pin or else it wont slide through the lever holes. Keep working it until the pin pops out the side of the tremolo, then gently grab it with some pliers and turn/twist to get out. to replace, steel wool or lightly sand the pin smooth. Re-insert the pin without any lube using a twisting/pushing motion being careful to not bend it. Tap in flush.

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